Amberwood log

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Amberwood Log
Hard log.png
Type System movable objects
Weight 5 Stones
max Speed
Tamable No
Length 2
ID 2076

Amberwood is a rare resource, which was introduced to the MMO with the second major update, 0.2.0.

An amberwood log results by the chopping down pine trees with a primitive axe or Hatchet.

From amberwood logs you can saw amberwood building logs and amberwood boards. If you chop or saw out billets, you will get softwood billets.

This item requires 2 slots to transport via Horse Cart

Regions[edit | edit source]

Pine trees grow only in the following regions:

  • Oyensrog
  • Kjostenbrud
  • Islandlend
  • Goddenjord
  • Snoenfeld
  • Phat-Tsarai
  • Roysbad
  • Khatchakten
  • Schwarzenweg
  • Kron-Insel
  • Amathemgir
  • Frosnenjord
  • Shin-Shin cakmet
  • Kharai-glod
  • Urzunai
  • Tashmyr-chak
  • Zelzerdorn

Gallery[edit | edit source]